Having a B.A. in Education, below are my available Trainings:


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On demand and customized trainings:

  • Agile Processes:
    • Agile Project Management (1 or 2 days)
    • Intense training to learn about agility and set up an agile process for a concrete environment (5 days)
    • Kick-Start to agile methodologies (1 day)
    • Scaling Agility - Agile Development in Large and Distributed Environments (2 days)
    • Retrospectives - What are they / How to facilitate one / How to benefit from one (1 day)
    • Agile Planning - Iteration and Release Planning (1 day)
    • Extreme Programming or Scrum (2 days)
      • Please note that I don't certify Srum Masters. The reason is that I don't believe in this kind of certification and support fully the position statement of the Agile Alliance concerning Agile Certification.
  • Customized Classes